Help it's a serious question,we are writing a book about this!?

Guys I need help, my friend had this dream with a man that was shipwrecked in an island and there was a kid in this island who said the name of the island was "Naomi" the place looked alot like Coran Island. In the dream basically the man asked the kid if he knew how to speak english and the kid answered "yes" than he asked if the kid knew the island name and the kid said something that sounded like "Naomi", then the man followed the kid to an urban area where there was people passing by and a some auto rickshaw vehicles. Then the man got to the kids house, it seemed like one of those straw houses, them the guy layed down in a bed and the dream ends. Can you guys help me to know if there is some word in phillippine that makes sense with what the kid answered?It's serious, we are writing a book about this!

Location Characteristics

- Palm trees

- Rocks

- Blue Holes

Boy Characteristics

- Short curly hair

- No shirt

- Ripped shorts (leather? Black)

- Middle, the castaway walks around the island.

Characteristics of the Island - Urban part

- Soldiers in camouflage clothing and a beret

- Black, mestizo people - Some without shirt, others with red or green shirts

- 3-seater motorcycles

- Thatched houses

- Tuc tuc cars

- "Festa Junina" strings

- In the end, the castaway most likely enters the boy's house on the beach, lies down, and soon after I wake up.


- Many stuff on the walls

- Straw Walls

- Straw bed - White pillow

- Slow fan near the bed

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    I Think I've hear this word before in a similar dream, but It wasn't like "Naomi".

    My dream was about this little boy that lived in a isolated island, and I also lived there with him. He would tell me stories about this place he called "Naiomines", or something like that.

    He had a british-like accent, and he would also tell me about a place called "Maluawyuyou".

    I've searched a lot, but never found anything.

    I Think it means some ficctional location, or something.

    I Was shocked when I first saw that title, thanks! It brought me many memories from my childhood.

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