any Brazilians that can speak English here will u, please translate all this to English, por favor gracias/grato?


i understand some similar one's even i know the names too i wrote over them, but this time translations, no rude answers, no Portuguese answers, no profanity in Portuguese, no nasty answers none, no jerking answers r untrue answers, just behave with nicer answers and this is why i didn't post in a bit, i tried English and Argentina yahoo, but none of them has Portuguese speakers to translate me, please translate me these??

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  • Anônimo
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    1. Will there be biscuits?

    2. Dear lord...

    3. It’s just a question!

    4. Darling... Did you realize that she’s...? 

    5. Sure, Denise!

    6. So, follow the tradition and take off your shoes before entering.

    7. Take off what?

    8. What were you going do to, Denise? 

    9. I would calling to the “big ghost”, darling.

    10. Boohoo

    11. Angel, you were mean! 

    12. Oh, I know it! Is it hard, isn’t? So many qualities in a only person. 

    13. (...)? Hum... Where did I hear that? 

    14. Quiet, Cebolinha!

    15. He seems so strong...

    16. And she so nice...

    17. It’s all your fault! 

    18. My fault?! It’s yours! 

    19. Oh, it’s enough of ruffle! Let’s see the fight! 

    20. I brought the popcorn!

    21. What is that? A 3D glasses? 

    22. No! It’s a 2m glasses. 

    25. Why did you always call him “Tonhão from the up street” instead of just “Tonhão”?

    26. Because there’s a Tonhão from the down street. 

    27. Aff. Thank God that “Denise” there’s only one.

    28. Well, I think I should apologize to Monica. 

    30. And once I should apologize to you... 

    31. Yesss?

    32. You’re chubby! You got big teeth! Forgive me for these last swearing for when I apologize to you with the olds ones.

    34. Come back here, you plague/pest!

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    @Anonimo grato for translating me all this and wow i did not realize realizou was realize, i missed that notice

    i wish yahoo didn't took away our comments!

    @Ricardo grato to u too, i did not understand the story to read to find out fantasmico and i didn't know Tanhao is a nickname of an Italian name Antonio, i thought Tanhao is a word

    edit: I even missed to see quieto looks like English quiet not shut up

  • Há 2 meses

    red dress girl = Monica

    pinky dress girl = Denise

    yellow dress girl = Magali

    green shirt boy = Cebolinha (little onion, because his head looks like an onion). He has a speech problem, so he changes R for L.

    yellow shirt boy = Cascão

    we will have cookies?

    oh, lord...

    It was only a question.

    my friend, did you realize that she is ...

    of course, Denise

    so respect the tradition and take off your shoes.

    take off what? (it was a joke, because they don't wear shoes)

    what were you going to do, Denise?

    call to "fantasmico", honey (fantásmico = she is referring to someone, but you need to read the story to know who it is)

    buuu = Monica is crying

    That was harsh, honey

    Oh, I know! It's hard, it is not? (né = não+é, like it's = it+is) many abilities for a single person.

    huhh.. i've seen it .. but where?

    Shut up, Cebolinha!

    He looks so strong!

    And she looks so cute!

    this is all your fault! 

    my fault? it's your fault!

    oh, stop argue (barraco is like argue). Let's see the fight! I have pop corn.

    Whats is this? 3D glasses? No! 2M (2M is the glasses manufacturer. Denise is a little silly)

    Why do you call him Tonhão from the street above and not just tonhão? (Tonhão is a common nickname of Antônio, like bob = Robert, or bill = William).

    because there is another Tonhão who lives down the street.

    Oh, I'm glad there's only one Denise around here.

    I owe Monica an apology..

    Oh, How kind, Cebolinha...

    And so.. since I owe... Yees, go ahead.

    I owe this more: shorty, chubby, big tooth (started cursing Monica)

    Come back here, brat!


    to u too, i did not understand the story to read to find out fantasmico 

    Hmm, I think I got the joke. There is a TV show in Brazil called Fantástico (Fantastic). The author of this comic makes many puns (he changes some letters on purpose) because sometimes it's funny. I think Denise said she was going to call the TV show.

    and i didn't know Tanhao is a nickname of an italian name Antonio, i thought Tanhao is a word

    Yes, in fact Tonhão is Antônio's augmentative. Tonhão is big Antônio.

    edit: I even missed to see quieto looks like English quiet not shut up

    In that case she told Cebolinha to shut up.

  • Anônimo
    Há 2 meses

    Né works exactly as english tag questions 

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  • Há 1 mês

    Its Very hard translating these texts into English. Im tired

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