English please does anyone know or ever contact this guy as friends in real or online, because i am desperate to ask him something important?

this is the user https://answers.yahoo.com/activity/questions?show=... he responded to my question twice three years ago, i tried to get him to comment me back, again and 2 years has past and then now three years was too long i waited, i was so sad he didn't, we were talking about his friend that he likes my idea, because he wants to be a great animator someday an idea that was never thought before for a Brazilian cartoon, but he said he wants to work outside Brazil and not inside it, i wish to ask him if he could work on a production studio i asked if he could work there that is in Brazil i've found and so no answers for a long time, but now i wish i should of ask him for his friend's email address to know what is he doing to my his idea now i gave him him to this user's friend, i want to get answers from what his friend is doing now recently, i badly want to see for a very long time now, please help?!

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