Quais sao seus metal/hard rock albuns favoritos em 1990?

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    rust in peace - MEGADETH

    painkiller - JUDAS PRIEST

    cowboys from hell - PANTERA

    eaten back to life - CANNIBAL CORPSE

    the meaning of life - TANKARD

    better off dead - SODOM

    the american way - SACRED REICH


    impact is imminent - EXODUS

    By Inheritance - ARTILLERY

    For Whose Advantage? - XENTRIX

    The Obsessed - THE OBSESSED

    Não está em ordem!! 🤘

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    Crazy World - SCORPIONS

    Cherry Pie - WARRANT

    Rev it Up - VIXEN

    Blaze Of Glory - JON BON JOVI

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    Eu posto uma lista onde voce escolher

    rust in peace MEGADETH  

    painkiller JUDAS PRIEST  

    seasons in the abyss SLAYER  

    cowboys from hell PANTERA  

    razors edge AC/DC  

    no prayer for the dying IRON MAIDEN  

    persistence of time ANTHRAX  

    souls of black TESTAMENT  

    the eye KING DIAMOND  

    empire QUEENSRYCHE  

    crazy world SCORPIONS  

    locked up the wolves DIO  

    coma of souls KREATOR  

    spiritual healing DEATH  

    never neverland ANNIHILATOR  

    flesh and blood POISON  



    heading for tomorrow GAMMA RAY  

    cause of death OBITUARY  

    impact is imminent EXODUS  

    cherry pie WARRANT  

    rev it up VIXEN  

    harmony corruption NAPALM DEATH  

    faceless world UDO  

    left hand path ENTOMBED  

    deicide DEICIDE  

    better off dead SODOM  

    facelift ALICE IN CHAINS  

    beethoven on speed THE GREAT KAT  

    twisted into form FORBIDDEN  

    lights camera revolution SUICIDAL TENDENCIES  

    blaze of glory JON BON JOVI  

    slaves and masters DEEP PURPLE  

    tattoed millionnaire BRUCE DICKINSON  

    the american way SACRED REICH  

    final holocaust MASSACRA  

    neverending destiny AGRESSOR  

    cracked brain DESTRUCTION  

    the meaning of life TANKARD  

    weapons of our warfare DELIVERANCE  

    psychological torment NO RETURN  

    detonator RATT  

    eaten back to life CANNIBAL CORPSE  

    nemesis CRADLE OF FILTH  

    hammerheart BATHORY  

    pornograffiti EXTREME  

    eclipse YNGWIE MALMSTEEN  

    danzig II DANZIG  

    when the storm comes down FLOTSAM AND JETSAM  

    tales from the twilight world BLIND GUARDIAN  

    decay of humanity DESPAIR  

    soulside journey DARKTHRONE

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