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Why some medications drive us to suicide?

Although the doctor prescribed Clonazepam to my mom in order to treat her Bipolar Disorder, I took some of her pills. The first pill made me sleepy then the following pills were bringing me down and let me suicidal, I had three suicide attempts. I took them because I ve had several personal problems and had a hard time to sleep. Without them, I don t get suicidal.

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    Have you talked to your mom about your personal problems? Mental illness is hereditary and I think your mom will understand that at least counseling is an option for you now.

    Taking your moms medication is extremely dangerous as you've witnessed in yourself, what is good for someone else won't suit everyone.

    A Psychotic medication effects certain strands of mental illness and one med is not an umbrella effect that takes care of all illnesses of the mind. Its the same thing as Taking a water pill won't take care of a fever (as an example).

    You have to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist who can determine what mental health issues you have (if you have any at all). Just because your mom has bipolar, you can a different type of issue like having anxiety or depression. Do understand some people who live with a bipolar parent might not necessarily have mental illness, they just might be mimicking the person who you spend time with the most and perhaps you are depressed from living with someone who's not well.

    Lastly, if you take your moms medication and it doesn't match your mental illness or if you don't have mental illness those meds can damage your mind and cause you to have more issue than before or create issues that were never there. For example, a healthy person who took street drugs over the course of time can now have neurotic issues, shakes, lose brain sells, cause neurons to not connect so can't learn correctly the list goes on. In your case, you get depressed and feel suicidal which can lead to death.

    Stop taking your moms medication and get help in the proper was or you might be walking a path that will lead to un-repairable existence.

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    Takes six months to do that.

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    First off taking another person's medication is a felony one single pill can get you 10 years in prison. The reason for that law is that other people's medication can make you suicidal or homicidal. It's very dangerous to take other person's medication. The doctor does blood tests to make sure that you can take the medicine without experiencing a severe side effect. and then when you go and do it not only are you endangering your life you're endangering everybody else's life around you.

    That's why it's a felony

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    It sounds like you shouldn't take them. And nobody knows why some people get suicidal on some medications.

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    Ever hear of unisom?!?

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    you never ever take medication that isn't prescribed to you by a doctor

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