How inflammable is Carbon Monoxide?

Is there risk of explosion if there is a considerable amount of this gas (1,000+ PPM) in a closed space (like a garage) and there is an active electrical stream in the same environment, such as a lamp?

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    CO has a low flashpoint (below ambient temperatures) so could be ignited by sparks if enough CO and oxygen is present as gas. the autoignition temperature is high though (>600 degrees C) so temperature alone is not likely to start the combustion. A hot lightbulb woouldn't do it. Also, the Lower Explosive Limit is about 12.5% CO in air, and you would be unconscious and/or dead well before that (we can only take exposure to low tenths of a percent, a few thousand ppm, at most).

    So, sure, it is conceivable that you need to be cautious against explosive conditions, but unlikely that you would ever really need to worry about it because of the much more important poison hazard.

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    CO forms an explosive mixture with a range of 12% to 75% CO in air . So it can be very flammable. However, 1000 PPM (0.1%) is well under the 12% lower explosive limit. But if there is a chance the CO can build well above 1000 PPM you should assess that risk as well the toxic effects of breathing the CO.

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    Carbon monoxide is actually a fire retardant. It strips away the necessary oxygen from a fire.

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