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Is it real that the prostate is the male G-spot?

I'm gay and I started my sexual life about one year ago. I tried to be bottom twice, but I did dislike it. Using lub makes it less painful but not nice at all. If the male G-spot is in the prostate, why do so many men don't like be bottomed?

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  • Anônimo
    Há 2 anos

    If you haven't enjoyed it, they weren't doing it right.

    Sounds like you need a more experienced guy to finger-blast your booty and teach you what a good time feels like.

  • Josie
    Lv 6
    Há 2 anos

    No. Females are supposed to have a G-spot.

    Males may have a trigger spot inside the prostate,

    but whether it is accessible anally may vary with males.

    Humans have used anal sex for millions of years so not

    exactly a new idea.

    I guess most men are still not very good at it.

    Skillful use of prostatic stimulation does seem to work

    for some men.

  • Anônimo
    Há 2 anos

    Many men don't have a "G-Spot" at all, and for many stimulation of the prostate does not do it for them either.

  • Anônimo
    Há 2 anos

    Have you done any anal training and prep before bottoming?

    The anus is meant to be exit only, its not like a woman's vagina that will accept a penis without a great deal of planning.

    Start with fingers and toys and more lube than you think you need. Get your body used to smaller things before you go in with something larger. And just like the female g-spot, its only about 2 inches inside the body, something that is easily reached with a curved finger and not a penis.

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  • Dze
    Lv 7
    Há 2 anos

    it might be 'your' g-spot you little fruit cake lol ..

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