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Jane or Barbara ? which 1 do u like better ?

10x ;)

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    I like Jane because it's more of a "normal" sounding name and it ages better. Barbara sounds more like an old-lady's name.

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    Barbara-Its a beautiful name, and my favourite teachers. It conotes strength and intellegence, but it still has a "grandma" feel to it.

    Jane-I love this name! Its simplisity can be likened to that of a wildflower, small and unpopular, but still holding a delightful scent and beautiful sillouette. I do prefer the spelling Jayne, but they are both pretty.

    I would have to say Jane is the best of the two, though Barbara is still very pretty:)

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    It's all depends on what your child looks like. Me personally I was going to be named Thai but my name got switched the second I was born and I got the name reeve. Honestly I like Jane better than Barbara but don't let anybody decide for you it's your choice

  • Há 8 anos's simple, classic and timeless. Barbara seems more dated, I picture a woman in her 60's whereas Jane could be any age.

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    Jane, it's a really nice cute name and you can get personalised stuff on where as you can't with Barbara, hope I helped :D

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    I like jane. Jane sounds pretty and elegant while Barbra sounds like the crazy cat lady who lives down the street

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    Jane, I chose it as a middle name for Delilah (while I spelled it Jayne, but that is only after a close friend of mine). Barbara is the name of my grandmother, whom I am estranged from.

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