Can i get pregnant from grinding with clothes on?

Me and my boyfriend were making out and grinding. His penis was close to my vagina. He ejaculated and im not sure if i can get pregnant from that. He said it got outside of his boxers and on the inside of his pants a little bit but not a lot. My period is already a day late. Im 14. Started my period about two years ago. Can i get pregnant? Please help me! No stupid answers please

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    no its very much impossible sperms likability to survive when hitting oxygen is low so the sperm count would have dropped greatly and would have had to swim inside of you through pants its very impossible...hope ive helped

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    First of all, you are only 14. Stop grinding and don't have sex. If the sperm got close enough to your vagina you could get pregnant and if you are going to continue this dangerous behavior get birth Control before you bring and innocent unwanted baby in the world and ruin your life. God Bless

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    Its VERY VERY unlikely that you would get pregnant.

    Considering that sperm dies when its ejaculated and its not going anywhere inside your vagina or whatever

    Your period is probably late because you keep stressing over this. : P

    Don't worry. Calm down. Just relax and don't worry about it.

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    If you had pants on, then no you can't get pregnant. Even if you didn't, there's only like a .01% chance that you would. Don't worry :) It's normal to be a day or two late. There could be many reasons for it

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    sweetheart stop grinding withn ur bf? lol. U wl not get pregnant. U r such a smal kid? wait until u r 18 atleast for all dat grinidng n mixing. okkay

    best wishes n gud luck

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    maximum not truly. The pre ejaculate (or ejaculate if he did ejaculate) might ought to wade via all those layers of outfits to get her pregnant. If she did not have wetness from him on the interior of her underclothes she would be ready to not get pregnant. She might probable have wetness from herself yet that makes no huge difference, she purely has to examine the outer layers first. If in basic terms the interior is moist it is not him. If the two are moist it would desire to be him or perhaps at that its a small possibility of being pregnant.

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    If there was no penetration, then there should not be pregnancy. I would advice you to use protection if you are planning to let the clothes of soon.

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    if u had clothes on then no u cant..

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