Why are people so blinded by pop music, and rap?

Can I get a decent answer? without someone just saying because its cool! Music breaks eras, and this era of bad music should end...

Culture helps to understand music most people turns there head around to...like Mozart, Beethove, Shostakovitch, Messian, Arvo Part...Etc. Im not saying all music is bad. But there are very lousy genders that have no essence in music.

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    My Dear / Real Music lover,

    I'm a music director N wanna share My opinion on this. Day by day the young people (youth) attracted towards these types of music.


    1. There will be no rules for them how to dance to it. (In RAP the movement of the hands, bending, etc.)

    2. Increase in the tempo challenges the listening youth to match it and how fast he/she will be able to dance according to it. By this one can show dancing ability with no rules.

    3. All the similar types of music will be of shorter length and thus within a short period mood will be changed.

    4.Now a days youth need their friends with them always enjoying. So Such a music brings together them.

    5. Attracting the opposite sex with such a type of dance which is according to science.

    6. They want to destress themselves or wanna forget what the bad movement they suffered with in their lives.

    Still So many reasons I may give


    Instead of this I wanna say you that. Real Music Expresses Hidden things from the heart and Dancing is the forceful Expression of What they want make you to feel.

    You R on Right path of MUSIC...............................

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    Aren't you being a bit closed minded? It sounds like your saying if its not classical than its not music. I dint have a problem with pop music or rap music. In fact, those two genres of music speak to a lot of people across the globe. While your judging it, there are poor people across the world listening to rap and getting inspired to do something with their lives. and your very wrong about the essence of music. Music is in your soul, its what moves you. I personally am not moved my Mozart but that doesn't make it any less music. Not everybody thinks the same which is why we have variety.

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    People like you frustrate me! Did you ever think that maybe there are people who don't enjoy Mozart or Beethoven? When did music become psychological and thought provoking rather than just a source of entertainment? As for your comment about "lousy genders", the proper word is gendres (as in types or form, not sex). If you are going to speak about a more sophisticated style of music, please check your spelling so you don't sound stupid. Also, you refer to them having "no essence in music". Not sure what you mean by that but according to the dictionnary, "Music is an art, entertainment or other human activity that involves organized sound." Just because you don't have an appreciation or enjoy pop and rap music, does not mean that it is not considered real music. Don't be so uptight - people aren't blinded by this music, they are just trying to get away from snobs like you.

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    It's unproductive to say that this is an "era of bad music." If you wish to influence the world with great music, then play great music for people who don't know about it. If you're a composer, then compose the greatest music you can and make it available to a world starved for inspiring art.

    But when you criticize "bad" music, no one is going to say, "hmm, you're right. I AM blinded by pop music and rap and it's inferior. Thanks for setting me free!"

    Besides, all the "bad" music in the world doesn't hinder the presence of great music. Great art is like Jell-O, there's ALWAYS room. All we have to do is to be positive representatives for Olivier Messian and Shostakovich and Poulenc and Mozart. Skip the judgement part, it doesn't work.

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    It's all a matter of opinion. You like the classical stuff and that's fine, but it's rude to call other music lousy because there are a great many people who enjoy modern music.

    I admit, I don't care for rap either, but I also can't stand to listen to Bach or Beethoven. Does that make those lousy? Certainly not! People of all walks of life like them so who am I to label them?

    Think about it.

    BTW, Mozart did rock!

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    I understand what you are saying. I'm tired all the time of my friends listening to commercial rap al the time. I always tell them music defines who we are as people, as a cultural, and as a nation. I listen to a array of artist from Missy Elliot to Ben Harper to Blue October to Utada Hikaru to Massive Attack to Anthony Hamilton and etc. I also listen to classical because its timeless. Some People need to look at the music they are listening and ask " do i want to let my kids know i listen to this music?" There are so much crap on the radio that I turn to indie music just so i know what real music is.

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    People aren't exactly -blinded-, but can be severely swayed. I appreciate classical music for its calming effects as well as its harmonious sounds.

    All music (well, most that is) is an expression of the soul. I find anything that is poetic, you know, that rhymes and has a metric rhythm (sp?) to display talent of some kind. If the lyrics are deep and elegantly written, that's another plus for a song.

    Call me crazy, but some rap/hip-hop rhymes very nicely...and I simply can't rhyme worth squat. therefore I respect that ability. heh heh heh

    music is poetry, and poetry expresses what cannot be expressed in literature. the whole instrumental aspect creates more emotion

    Of course, some 80s-90s music, in my opinion, just shouldn't have been made, and screamo is unintelligible.

    that's all that's on my mind right now concerning music. take it or leave it. thanks for readin'!

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    AMEN! I work at a place where people drive up blaring the latest rap song churned out by some machine. I drive up blaring the best of Renee Fleming or The Irish Tenors and they think *I* have bad taste! Truly good music will never get old. That's why classical music stations still play pieces that are 400 years old! They have staying power. Not like that one song by that guy who was popular last month that no one remembers.

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    People are controlled by the media. The media pushes pop and rap music making it the one everyone's going to desire. I personally don't think music is as good as it used to be and if you notice who is number one on the charts it's the ones who are the most showcased by the media.

    The influence that rap has on us over the last twenty years has changed the culture. It's a completely different world than it used to be . I like to avoid what ever is most showcased because I know it's all media hype.

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    I think you meant lousy genres, but anyways, not to offend anyone, but the beats behind a lot of this music seems to be what draws people to it, not the musical essence. A lot of people just don't know what makes good music, and a catchy beat is just that - catchy. But I'm not saying I dislike pop or rap, because it has a catchy beat :)

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