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  • Can you take the morning after pill then get the implant straight afterwards?

    The condom broke on Saturday and the contraceptive clinic near me is only open on Mondays but I was going to get the implant on Monday, can I get the morning after pill from there, take it and then get the implant straight afterwards?

    Many thanks

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  • Should I have a foursome?

    Me and my be friend are dating brothers, I'm with person A and she's with person B. She really wants a foursome but I'm really unsure. Person A and B are both up for it even though they are brothers and I feel like I'm the one holding them back but I feel so insecure because I have really small boobs (AA) and she has a good cup B and her belly pierced and I have an outie etc and she makes me feel insecure what should I do?

    And how do I have a foursome if I wanted to have one?

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  • How should I tell my mum I got my nose and tongue pierced?

    I don't want any not useful answers saying well you shouldn't have got them then etc. but I feel quite guilty that I got them done behind my mums back because she wouldn't let me get them done otherwise (yes I did ask her) and I want to tell her how should I tell her?

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  • I have had my tongue piercing for 6 months now how fast will it close up?

    I need to take it out for the dentist and I've had my tongue piercing for 6 months would it be okay to take it out for 10 minutes at the maximum?

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  • Army cadet force (acf) uniform questions help me please?

    I've sewed on the acf badge on the brassard but I have no idea how to attach the brassard to the camo 95 shirt, do I have to sew on a button? The buttons that I've tried to sew on won't fit through the brassard slit, they are too big. What should I do?

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  • Should I get piercings without my mum knowing?

    I'm 15 and my mum absolutely no way will let me get anymore piercings, I have tried everything to convince her so I'm thinking about getting piercings now and hiding them from her, she isn't very observant so I know I will be able to hide them well except from my nose, I want my tongue, belly,nose,tragus is that too many piercings to get at once? And should I get them without my mum knowing?

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  • Acf adult rank question?help me please?

    My dc has a big crown on his uniform, what rank would this be? A sergeant major? I know a major is a small crown but I was wondering what a big crown would be? Thank you xx

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  • First time handjob tomorrow?!?

    I know this might sound like I'm too young but me and my boyfriend are both 14 but he turns 15 this month, I don't want any lectures about how I'm to young etc

    Does anyone have any tips or advice on what to do? Thank you all in advance :)

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  • Boyfriend keeps talking to his ex and meeting up with her?

    I dated my boyfriend for the first time about 6 months ago then he dumped me for one of my best friends, through that time I struggled with self harm, suicidal thoughts&attempts, now I'm back with him and he acts best friends with his ex and they talk and meet up a lot more than me and him do and I think he still loves her like take this Saturday for example they are meeting up just those two and going swimming together even though that's mine and his thing we always go swimming together and she never wanted to go swimming with him before she saw me and him there together and also I never find out when they are meeting up he never tells me I always find out afterwards or from her, it's really hurting me I have no idea what to do?help me please

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  • My dad found knives in my room?! Please help me!?

    I went To school today as normal when I got back my room was messed up with clothes everywhere and I immediately knew he had been through my stuff looking for something, I took two knives from the kitchen a while back because I cut with them. I hid them in my second drawer and when I went to look for them they were gone. I also smoke, my cigarettes are hidden in the same drawer as my knives were my dad left my fags in the drawer and took the knives - I'm not sure if he saw my fags.

    I don't need a lecture about how smoking and cutting can mess up your life - I'm 13

    What can I tell my dad when he asks me about the knives?or the fags?please help me!

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  • Army cadet uniform questions?

    I have been going to army cadets and next week will be my 8th week (8 sessions) of going, I have earned my uniform and I can't go next week because of my mums graduation - is it likely I will get my uniform on the week I'm not there? And will they send it back if I'm not there?

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  • Army cadet uniform questions?

    I have been going to army cadets and next week will be my 8th week (8 sessions) of going, I have earned my uniform and I can't go next week because of my mums graduation - is it likely I will get my uniform on the week I'm not there? And will they send it back if I'm not there?

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  • What has happened to my helix piercing?

    I have had my helix piercing for just over 4 months now. I got it pierced at a piercing shop with a needle? The top half of my ear has been permanently red and swollen the whole time. I have had no pus so I know it's not infected. I used to be allergic to silver jewellery until recently until I've worn it in my lobes but I think I am still allergic. What should I do? Shall I change the bar for a titanium one?

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  • I'm really confused and upset?

    I'm in love with my ex but he dumped me for one of my mates. After a while of suicidal thoughts, attempts and deep cutting I tried to make peace and I have my ex boyfriends number and we have only recently started talking again and my ex friend (leah) wants an apology for something I have apparently done and I apologised to my ex ( robbie) and I asked him to pass on my apology to Leah because we aren't on speaking terms at the minute and I'm tired of fighting I can't do it for much longer and he texted me back and said do it yourself you lazy ***** and he pressurised me into giving her that apology and now I'm really upset and crying I know it sounds stupid but I'm really upset and I don't know what to do anymore please help me

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  • What filling can I have for homemade ravioli?

    I need a vegetarian ravioli recipe with a vegetarian sauce to go with it?

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  • Which job should I go for?

    I'm not being arrogant here but I am clever enough to go to uni and be a doctor. I would really like to be a doctor but my passion is cooking, I love it with all of my heart but if I train to be a chef at catering college then I won't get paid very much and it isn't a good future I'm torn I don't know what to do?

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  • Vegetarian main course ideas?

    I'm 13 and an advanced cook, I am making a 3 course meal and I need ideas for a vegetarian main course?

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  • questions about the army cadet force (acf)?

    1) what do I need to know for my basic training test?

    2) when do I get my uniform?

    3) is the basics test easy?

    4) what are all of the ranks?

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  • Which hobby should I quit?

    My mum is making me quit a hobby either gymnastics or fruit ( a youth club where you can do activities like football, basketball,air hockey, snooker, dodgeball etc.) for gymnastics I haven't been going that long (since 2012) I haven't learnt anything there I can already do a handstand and cartwheel before I started and that's it, if I can do harder stuff there then I don't know which to quit ( if I can't ill quit gymnastics)

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